Mallam-Kasoa flood: Delays in securing funds contributed to Monday’s gridlock – Asenso-Boakye

The Minister of Roads and Highways, Francis Asenso-Boakye, has announced plans to secure funds for constructing essential storm drains along the Weija-Kasoa road to address flooding issues.

He expressed concerns over bureaucratic hurdles in obtaining funds and acknowledged the significant challenges faced by the government in this regard.

Following heavy rainfall on Monday, May 13, commuters were stranded on the road, with traffic congestion persisting into Tuesday morning. Some residents spent nearly 9 hours stuck in traffic and had to wade through floodwaters to reach their homes.

Speaking to journalists after inspecting the area, Asenso-Boakye attributed the delay in securing funding to the congestion experienced. He emphasized the need for adequate resources to address similar challenges across the city and country.

“People would have wished that this had been resolved many years ago but as you know, we need funds to do this storm drain and this is not the only storm drain challenge that we have in the city in the region, or in the country.

“But unfortunately, we didn’t have the funds to do it. We had to go through a series of processes to get funds to do it and that is why it was delayed.”

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