KT Hammond ceases cement pricing rises.

K. T. Hammond, Minister for Trade and Industry, has asked the Cement Manufacturing Development Committee (CMDC) to instruct Ghana’s cement manufacturing companies to immediately reverse the recent rise in cement pricing. The Minister, recalling his directive to the CMDC at its inception on March 8, 2024, also demanded that all cement makers in the country publish their retail pricing to put an end to the continuing arbitrary hikes in cement prices.

He reaffirmed his request for the CMDC to collaborate with cement businesses to ensure uniform cement prices across the country by implementing a unified cement pricing mechanism similar to the Unified Petroleum Pricing Fund (UPPF) used by Ghana’s National Petroleum Authority for fuel retailing. The CMDC, formed under the Ghana Standards Authority (Manufacture of Cement) Regulations, 2023 (L| 2480), is chaired by the Ghana Standards Authority’s Director General, Prof Alex Dodoo.

The Ministry of Trade and Industry, the Ghanaian Institution of Engineers, the Environmental Protection Agency, the Association of Ghana Industries, officials from the Association of Ghana Industries, and the Ministry of Trade and Industry make up this group. Among other things, one of its responsibilities as the nation’s cement manufacturing regulator is to “promote the manufacture, wholesale and retail of cement and cement components.”

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