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Adatsi Brownson Announces Candidacy for 2024 North Dayi Parliamentary Election as Independent Candidate

In a significant development for Ghana’s political landscape, youth activist and advocate Adatsi Brownson has declared his intention to contest as an independent candidate for the Member of Parliament seat in the North Dayi District of the Volta Region in the upcoming 2024 elections. Known for his leadership in the #FixTheCountry campaign and numerous other political and social initiatives, Brownson aims to bring transformative change to the constituency and beyond.

Adatsi Brownson, a renowned thought leader and convener of several impactful movements, has publicly announced his candidacy, emphasizing the urgent need for a paradigm shift in how parliamentary elections are conducted in Ghana. In a recent interview, Brownson expressed his commitment to ending the pervasive practice of vote-buying and urged for the selection of leaders based on their ideological consistency and dedication to public service.

“The current system of luring constituents with money is detrimental to our democracy and development,” Brownson stated. “We need leaders who are chosen for their integrity and vision, not their financial muscle. Our constituency has suffered from a lack of clear development for too long. It’s time for change.”

North Dayi is currently represented by Hon. Jocelyn Tetteh. However, Brownson believes the constituency requires a new direction to secure a prosperous future for its residents. He highlighted the stagnation and lack of significant progress in the region, proposing himself as a unifying figure who will work collaboratively with the District Chief Executive to prioritize the constituency’s needs.

Policy Priorities for North Dayi

Adatsi Brownson’s campaign is built on a platform of comprehensive policies aimed at revitalizing North Dayi and addressing the core issues affecting its residents. His key policy priorities include:

Youth Empowerment and Employment:

Industrial Partnerships and Factory Establishments:

Brownson plans to attract investment to establish agro-processing factories in North Dayi. By partnering with local and international businesses, these factories will process local agricultural produce, adding value and creating numerous jobs for the youth

Technology and Innovation Hubs:

Establishing technology and innovation hubs will provide the youth with skills in IT, digital marketing, and entrepreneurship. These hubs will serve as incubators for start-ups and provide mentoring and resources to young innovators.

Healthcare Improvement:
Brownson is committed to enhancing healthcare services in North Dayi. This includes upgrading healthcare facilities, ensuring the availability of essential medicines, and initiating health outreach programs to promote preventive healthcare.

Agricultural Development:
Recognizing agriculture as the backbone of the local economy, Brownson proposes initiatives to support farmers, including access to modern farming equipment, training in sustainable farming practices, and better market access for agricultural products.

Agricultural Technology and Training:

Providing farmers with access to modern agricultural technology, such as drones for monitoring crops and smart irrigation systems, will improve efficiency. Training programs will ensure farmers are adept at using these technologies, leading to increased yields and better quality produce.

Infrastructure Development:
Infrastructure development is crucial for the constituency’s progress. Brownson plans to advocate for improved road networks, better water supply systems, and enhanced sanitation facilities. These improvements are aimed at boosting local commerce and improving the quality of life for residents.

Eco-Tourism Development:
Promoting eco-tourism in North Dayi by developing natural attractions and cultural sites will create employment opportunities in tourism and hospitality. It will also encourage the preservation of the environment and local heritage.

Transparency and Accountability:
Brownson pledges to promote transparency and accountability in governance. He plans to establish regular town hall meetings to keep constituents informed and involved in decision-making processes, ensuring that their voices are heard and their needs are met.

A Call for Change
Adatsi Brownson’s entry into the 2024 parliamentary race signifies a call for change and a new approach to leadership in North Dayi. As an independent candidate, he is poised to challenge the status quo and offer a fresh perspective on governance. His campaign promises to focus on sustainable development, youth empowerment, and genuine representation, aiming to create a brighter future for all constituents.

With his background as a youth activist and a leader committed to systemic change, Brownson’s candidacy is set to energize the political landscape of North Dayi, inspiring constituents to envision and work towards a more promising future.

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