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Removal of Special Prosecutor and Political Fraud Investigation Hiccups

The core competencies required for investigative bodies and institutions in the fight against corruption, conflict of interest, bribery, embezzlement, political fraud investigations, and others, are more about the ability to do good quality professional investigation work and attain required investigation results, and outcomes within timelines.

The Special Prosecutor’s Office in Ghana was set up in haste, with operational objectives, and legislative instruments and instructions, which in itself, is proving to be problematic for office holders.

Given that, the ability to recruit the right people with the right skills and expertise needs meticulousness and consciousness, considering the prescriptive nature of investigation cases that falls under the domain of the OSP.

Therefore, the critical criticism of the designation titles assigned to the investigative officers under review, is not as important as their ability to professionally work with the requisite relevant skills and expertise to achieve results, in accordance with OSP Legislative regulations and operational guidelines.

The unnecessary antagonism against the core investigation officers in the investigative space, working with the Special Prosecutor, is a stab in the back that goes a long way to demoralize and create awful energy against the quality performance of investigation-prosecution duties and functions.


Richard Kumadoe
Fraud Preventions Expert and Security Intelligence Consultant

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