Emissions levy: We’ll raise our rates proportionally – GPRTU

The Emissions Levy, which is included in the 2024 budget, is consistent with the government’s goals to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and promote the use of environmentally friendly technology and energy.

Abass Imoro, GPRTU’s industrial relations officer, claimed that relevant stakeholders, including the Transport and Finance Minister, ignored members’ concerns and proceeded to implement the levy without responding to their petition.

“We were not part of the discussions before they came out with it [the levy]. We spotted it in the budget and we raised issues with it, our suggestions were not taken and we petitioned Parliament and we have not had any response yet.

“We had a meeting with the Transport and Finance Ministers and said that there was something wrong with the levy that we felt was not proper and the Finance Minister promised to do something about it, only for us to hear that the levy has taken effect today [February 1].

“So we said that we have decided that when we try to draw the public’s attention and nothing is being done, the only way is to add it up and have to increase our fares.”

The tax amount is determined by the kind of vehicle and engine capacity.

Annual fees for motorcycles and tricycles are GH₵75, while motor vehicles, buses, and coaches up to 3000 cubic centimetres cost GH₵150.

Vehicles larger than 3000 cubic centimetres, freight trucks, and articulated trucks must pay an annual fee of GH₵300.

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