The NDC goverment will investigate the $12 million “Agyapa” scams and punish all those involved – Sammy Gyamfi.

He made this pronouncement at the NDC national headquarters of the Moment of Truth’ series held in Accra on Monday, February 19.

He went on to say that the NDC has been following the ongoing proceedings of Parliament’s Public Accounts Committee (PAC), the report of the Auditor-General on Public Boards, Corporations, and other Statutory Bodies for the period ended 31 December 2022, that MIIF’s Chief Executive Officer, Edward Nana Yaw Koranteng, has revealed the humongous amount of USD$12 million was spent on the “Agyapa” Royalties deal. When the matter was investigated further, the CEO of MIIF stated that this colossal sum was spent on the establishment of the “Agyapa” Royalties vehicle, the payment of consultancy fees, the rental of office space, and the processes leading to the Initial Public Offering for the listing of “Agyapa” Royalties on the London Stock Exchange.

In addition, the Office of Special Prosecutor stated in its Corruption Risk Assessment Report that the “Agyapa” agreement was plagued with procurement rigging, statutory violations, probable money laundering, and was detrimental to the nation’s interests. Eventually, the details of the OSP’s report, combined with sustained pressure from the NDC and civil society, forced the President to shamefully beat a retreat and refer the deal, which he had already granted Executive approval for, back to Parliament for reconsideration before the 2020 General Election.

He further called on  Ghanaians to vote for H.E John Dramani Mahama to help solve the issue of corruption of the NPP

“My brothers and sisters, throughout our struggle against the “Agyapa” heist, we never knew and never imagined, that the ruling NPP government had spent a whopping $12 million on the deal. With each passing day, and as the clock ticks to 7th December, 2024 for Ghanaians to kick this irredeemably corrupt government out of office, the countless skeletons in their closet of corruption keep unfolding before our very eyes”

“We in the NDC are completely appalled by the decision of the corrupt Akufo-Addo/Bawumia NPP government, to spend this colossal amount of money on the “Agyapa” scam, which never saw the light of day. It is unconscionable and in fact, the height of cruelty, that the government engaged in this naked thievery and brazen abuse of the public purse, at a time our beloved nation was battling the COVID-19 pandemic and Ghanaians were already reeling under excruciating hardships. This is very sad and disheartening.”

However he also made a pledge that the NDC will further investigate when  voted into power

“My brothers and Sisters, I have the full blessing of H.E John Dramani Mahama to inform you and by extension the good people of Ghana, that the next NDC government will investigate the stinky $12 million “Agyapa” scam, retrieve all illegal payments made under same, and ensure that all the perpetrators are prosecuted. The day of accountability is fast approaching, and no one found culpable will be left off the hook by the next NDC/Mahama government. This is a solemn pledge and our charge to keep, when by the grace of God and the Ghanaian people, the NDC assumes the reins of government in 2025”


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