Ghana doesn’t need ’24-hour Economy’ But An Affordable Economy – Dr. Sam Ankrah

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Dr. Sam Ankrah, an Independent Presidential Candidate, has spoken out against the idea of implementing a 24-hour economy in Ghana, calling it a “hoax” and emphasizing the need for an “Affordable Economy” instead. In a recent statement, Dr. Ankrah outlined his position on the 24-hour economy concept, highlighting the challenges and limitations that would hinder its successful implementation in the country.

According to Dr. Ankrah, the 24-hour economy is often promoted with empty promises and propaganda, lacking the necessary components for it to function effectively and efficiently. He pointed out that businesses cannot simply change their operations overnight just because a government policy is announced, and emphasized that market forces are crucial in driving economic growth.

Dr. Ankrah acknowledged that while the idea of a 24-hour economy may not be entirely negative, it is fraught with challenges that question its feasibility in Ghana. He highlighted the essential components required for a successful 24-hour economy, such as well-resourced emergency responders, adequate security, reliable electricity supply, enabling support services and infrastructure, demand and supply dynamics, and a cooperative workforce. The absence of these critical building blocks poses a significant obstacle to the immediate implementation of a vibrant 24-hour economy in Ghana.

Instead of pursuing a 24-hour economy, Dr. Ankrah proposed a more practical approach focused on the 24 Hour Provision of Essential Services. This policy, a key component of his Affordable Ghana Agenda, would allow government agencies like the Passport Office, DVLA, Land Title Registration, Registrar General’s Department, Port Operations, and licensing entities to offer essential services round the clock. Dr. Ankrah believes that this strategy would not only ease the burden on these agencies and enhance their productivity but also stimulate growth in the private sector and contribute to the overall economy.

In conclusion, Dr. Sam Ankrah’s stance against the 24-hour economy hoax underscores his commitment to fostering a sustainable and inclusive economy in Ghana. By prioritizing essential services and addressing the country’s economic challenges through pragmatic solutions, Dr. Ankrah aims to create an affordable economy that benefits all citizens and lays the groundwork for long-term growth and prosperity.


By: Isaac Boamah Darko

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