Ahead of Diplomatic Intercultural Day (D.I.D.) 2024.

Diplomatic Intercultural Day celebrates diversity and cultural exchange, uniting people from various countries to showcase their rich cultural heritage. This year, representatives from embassies such as Mexico, Nigeria, DR Congo, India, Suriname, Peru, Malaysia, Morocco, and India, along with businesses, students, families, and individuals, are invited to participate.

Organized by Nak Adventure Africa Limited in collaboration with the Ghana Tourism Authority, Ghana Tourism Development Company Limited, and the Kwame Nkrumah Memorial Park, and supported by Standard Pensions Trust, Broll Ghana Ltd, Enquiry Agency, and the Ghana South Africa Business Chamber, the celebration aims to highlight cultural diversity through music, dance, food, documentaries, folklore, and other displays. It also provides a platform for local companies and startups to promote their products and services through cultural exchanges and interactions, fostering international understanding and peace.

The Director of Corporate Affairs at the Ghana Tourism Authority, Jones Nelson, highlighted the observance of Heritage Month, centered on the exploration of our culinary delights, cultural richness, and traditional beverages. Furthermore, they inaugurated the domestic tourism initiative “Experience Ghana: Taste, Embrace, Explore,” emphasizing our nation’s landmarks, cuisine, dance forms, and indigenous attire, fostering enthusiasm for celebration and garnering a favorable response. Expressing great enthusiasm for this concept’s alignment with past events, they eagerly anticipate the continuity of the Diplomatic Intercultural Day celebration.

The organizers express excitement about the initiative, hoping that the Diplomatic Intercultural Day celebration becomes a permanent fixture. They invite everyone to join them at the Kwame Nkrumah Memorial Park on March 23rd at 10 am for a day of cultural celebration and intercultural exchange.

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