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Joberg Foundation Donates House to Mother with Child with Disabilities

As part of its commitment to providing shelter for the less privileged, Joberg Foundation, a charity wing of Joberg Construction Company, has donated a one-bedroom apartment to a mother with a daughter with cerebral palsy, Madam Benice Amoah, in Katamanso, Greater Accra Region.

“The donation forms part of the Foundation’s ‘Taking the Homeless Home Awards,’ which is intended to alleviate the burden of providing affordable shelter for the homeless, poor, and hardworking individuals.”

Madam Benice Amoah, a mother of twelve year old with disabilities and a vendor, was handed the keys to her new home at a handing-over ceremony on Saturday, March 2, 2024.

In addition to the house, the donation includes a solar panel that will power the house indefinitely without any electricity costs for the beneficiary.

The foundation, through a team, identified her with the help of Madam Mary Kuffour, the Lead Manager of Klicks Africa Foundation, who also has a twenty-one-year-old daughter with autism.

In an interview with, Madam Mary Kuffour expressed her gratitude for the organization, stating that it exceeded her expectations. She called on all corporate stakeholders to undertake similar initiatives, especially to assist women with children with disabilities.

Furthermore, she called on the government to deploy National Service personnel to educational institutions to aid in the education of children with disabilities.

According to her, “Parents with children with disabilities, especially women, face stigma everywhere, whether it be in church or in our homes. Their children are not accepted and are discriminated against, including their mothers who are left to bear the cost of caring for their wards.”

The Board Chair of the foundation, Mrs. Carlotta Bannerman Amande, stated that the awards scheme aims to support the poor and vulnerable across the country. She called on corporate institutions to support this vision.

“She extends much gratitude to her staff who helped put this together and calls on corporate institutions to support this vision.”

Madam Benice Amoah, the beneficiary of the one-bedroom apartment, went down on her knee to express her gratitude for the benevolent help of Joberg Foundation for coming to her aid and that of her daughter with cerebral palsy, whom they used to leave in a kiosk.

According to her, “Family members have asked her to abandon her daughter because she is a cursed child. Her refusal to do so has left her alone to care for her daughter, and the intervention of Joberg Foundation has brought to life the dream of owning a house. She will continue to pray to God to answer the secret prayers of Joseph Magnus Marteye, the CEO of Joberg Construction Company, and the Foundation.”

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Joberg Construction Company and the Foundation, Joseph Magnus Marteye, said his outfit was committed to helping those in need.

“This is our small way of giving back to society and putting smiles on the faces of hardworking homeless Ghanaians,” he said.

He also disclosed that the foundation has plans to build homes for the poor, one each year.

When asked who is eligible to own a house with Joberg Construction Company?

“Anyone from the age of 25 and above who earns 500.00 cedis and above can own a house, whether they are a vendor on the streets or someone with a white-collar job,” he said.

However, the ultimate goal is to improve the lives of poor and hardworking Ghanaians who are facing difficulties in acquiring a decent home.

This is the third donation by Joberg Foundation. In March 2023, they awarded their second one-bedroom apartment to a widow, Madam Salomey Gyamea, who used to live in a kiosk with five children.

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