Finance Ministry’s statement on anti-gay bill amounts to fearmongering – Economist

Dr Patrick Asuming, an economist and financial analyst at the University of Ghana, says the Finance Ministry’s statement on the implications of the Anti-Gay Bill if passed into law ‘will amount to fearmongering.’

The Ministry of Finance has pleaded with President Akufo-Addo not to assent to the recently passed anti-LGBTQ bill by Parliament.

In a press release on Monday, March 4, the Finance Ministry cautioned that approving the bill could result in significant financial consequences for Ghana.

According to the Finance Ministry’s statement, Ghana stands to lose a substantial amount of World Bank financing, estimating a potential loss of USD$3.8 billion over the next five to six years.

Speaking in an interview on The Big Issue on Citi TV with Selorm Adonoo on Saturday, Dr Asuming argued that the Ministry’s statement did not capture all the relevant information and available facts.

“I think that the statement that the Finance Ministry issued will amount to fearmongering. I don’t think the statement captures all relevant information and available facts,” he said.

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