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Alleged Breach of National Service Act and Data Privacy Violations Spark Outrage

A group calling itself the Forum for Accountability has urgently raised issues surrounding the National Service Secretariat of Ghana, alleging violations of the National Service Act and suspected breaches of data privacy.

The forum highlights a critical situation where National Service Personnel have reportedly gone unpaid for five months, contrary to the mandated monthly disbursement outlined in the National Service Act. Despite claims from the National Service Secretariat of partial payments, many personnel are yet to receive their dues, prompting accusations of diversion tactics.

The Forum for Accountability “has expressed deep concern over the financial distress faced by National Service Personnel due to the alleged failure of the National Service Secretariat to disburse allowances promptly.”

Moreover, “the forum is preparing for legal action and demonstrations against the Secretariat, demanding full payment of owed allowances by the end of the month.”

Additionally, suspicions have been raised regarding the Secretariat’s involvement in the unauthorized sale of personal data to third-party loan companies, further exacerbating the situation and potentially violating the privacy rights of personnel.

“Injustice, regardless of its origin, casts a dark shadow over our nation. It is imperative that we all stand up against injustice, for it reverberates throughout society, affecting us all.”

Below is the full Statement 

Click here to read the full statement  CALL TO ACTION ON NSP ALLOWANCE PAYMENT (1)

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