Disruption in NDC: 18+ Group Takes Over Women’s and Youth Wings’ Responsibilities

The National Democratic Congress (NDC) appears to be repeating past mistakes, despite the harsh lessons learned from its defeats in both the 2016 and 2020 general elections. The Kwesi Botchwey report, notably on page 128, highlighted a key factor contributing to the party’s heavy loss in 2016: the dysfunctionality of the party structure and chain of command. This dysfunctionality was exacerbated by the emergence of numerous splinter groups, such as “I Choose JM” DOVES for Mahama and Women for Mahama, among others.

These splinter groups, according to observers, often operated as special-purpose vehicles to extract money from individuals within and outside the party for their own selfish gains. Despite lacking linguistic and organizational capabilities, some of these groups were assigned to constituencies, further undermining the party’s effectiveness.

Recent reports indicate the emergence of yet another splinter group, known as the 18+ group, which has been active for over a year. This group is reportedly encroaching upon the responsibilities of the Youth Wing and Women’s Wing without their approval. It’s worth noting that individuals who supported the removal of key figures within the National Youth Organizer and National Women Organizer roles are reportedly associated with the 18+ group.

A former parliamentary candidate in the Greater Accra region, who also holds a position at the NDC National headquarters, was overheard suggesting that if the current wings cannot fulfill their duties, alternative methods will be found. Plans are underway to integrate leaders from the 18+ group into the National Campaign Team, despite lacking formal approval.

Insiders within the 18+ group have expressed confidence in their ability to sideline the Youth and Women’s Wings, with support from influential figures within the party. “Just wait and see,” one insider disclosed, “we are poised to secure a role in the National Campaign Team.”

The infiltration of the 18+ group into critical party structures raises concerns about the NDC’s ability to learn from past mistakes and maintain internal cohesion ahead of future electoral challenges.

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