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Attorney General to Continue Prosecuting Ambulance Case Despite Judge’s Advice

Accra, High Court – Attorney General (AG) Godfred Yeboah Dame has announced his intention to continue prosecuting the ambulance case, despite a judge’s advice to recuse himself.

The High Court judge, overseeing the case involving Minority Leader Cassiel Ato Forson and Richard Jakpa, had suggested that the AG step away from the trial. This recommendation followed concerns over Dame’s interaction with the third accused, Richard Jakpa, outside the court.

The AG had discussed the case with Jakpa and encouraged him to submit a medical excuse to facilitate an adjournment. However, Justice Afia Serwah Asare-Botwe noted that this encounter did not provide sufficient grounds to discontinue the prosecutions.

Justice Asare-Botwe advised the AG to remove himself from the direct prosecution, believing it would be in the judiciary’s best interest. Despite this, Dame stated during a press engagement that the judge’s comment was merely a suggestion and not an order. He confirmed his decision to proceed with the case.

“The judge herself even after her ruling clarified that she has not given any such order at all but it is only an advice…I am conducting the matter. I am still conducting the trial. The most important point today is that all the applications filed by the applicants have been dismissed in their entirety.”

“All the five applications have failed. And I think that in reaction to this, I will say that it clearly shows that there are a group of people in this country who ride on manipulation of facts, distortion, and deception of the public. They are always seeking to mislead and deceive the public. Today they have been exposed,” Dame stated.

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