Ministry of Education Responds to JoyNews Report on Senior High School Food Security

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In response to a recent investigative documentary by JoyNews shedding light on concerns regarding food security in Senior High Schools (SHS), the Ministry of Education has conducted a nationwide visitation and monitoring exercise in collaboration with the media. Contrary to the narrative portrayed in the documentary, the ministry’s findings revealed several key points.

Firstly, schools visited and reports from others indicated the maintenance of adequate food stock in storage facilities.

Secondly, there is prompt and up-to-date payment for perishable food items allocated to all schools. Additionally, feedback from both school heads and students indicates overall satisfaction with the quality and quantity of food being served.

“The Ministry of Education has reassured parents, students, and the general public of its commitment to providing adequate, high-quality, and timely food supplies to ensure an enhanced free and quality Senior High School program.”

While the ministry remains open to addressing any genuine concerns, it urges JoyNews and other media outlets to exercise circumspection, fairness, and responsibility in their reportage, particularly when it comes to matters concerning student welfare.

With these findings and assurances, the Ministry of Education aims to foster confidence and trust in its efforts to uphold food security standards within Senior High Schools nationwide.

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