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Arrest Western Regional Minister and NPP PC for Amenfi – ADAM GH

The Executive Secretary of ADAM GH, Azubila Emmanuel Abdu-Salam, is calling for the arrest of Western Regional Minister Kwabena Okyere Darko-Mensah and NPP Parliamentary Candidate for Amenfi, Ernest Frimpong.

This follows a viral video of Frimpong urging illegal miners to fight security personnel if they try to stop their activities, with the Western Regional Minister also seen in the video.

In a statement, Mr. Abdul-Salam asserted, “We must not allow our soldiers and police to be humiliated and used as punching bags by politicians and their supporters. Because as a politician you need votes, you risk the lives of soldiers by inciting illegal miners to attack them? Governments will come and go, but our military and police remain our pride, and we must do everything to protect our security forces. Killing police and soldiers has become a common occurrence with impunity due to political influence.”

He warned of potential military brutality if no action is taken. “Listening to and watching this video, as Executive Secretary of ADAM-GH, a civil society organization that upholds democratic principles and the rule of law, we must take serious action against the Western Regional Minister and his parliamentary candidate for Amenfi. If we do not act now, we will soon witness soldiers and police suffering casualties from these illegal miners. Illegal miners are inherently dangerous, and with political backing to attack soldiers and police, we should expect tragic news for our security forces. Our soldiers and police, regardless of their shortfalls, deserve better.”

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