GNPC Scandal: Millions at Stake in Dubious Vehicle Deal – A Call for Transparency and Accountability

The management of GNPC has been embroiled in yet another corrupt scandal involving a staggering one million dollars. The government cannot remain indifferent to this issue. The scandal revolves around a dubious contract with a South African company to supply vehicles to the institution, resulting in an excessive cost difference of 10 million Ghana cedis.

The controversy erupted after board members approved the purchase of over 50 vehicles from a South African company known as Klataa Company Limited. These vehicles were intended to be distributed among various department heads and certain board members. Records indicate that the institution typically procures vehicles from Toyota Ghana whenever the need arises.

A member of the senior staff association, who confirmed this scandalous act, questioned why a state-owned corporation like GNPC would place such an order from South Africa, resulting in nearly a one million dollar increase, to the detriment of ordinary Ghanaians. He further questioned the rationale behind awarding such a contract through sole sourcing.

In an interview with Norbert Gborgbortsi, the convener for Aggrieved Public Sector Workers Ghana, he condemned the act and urged government agencies to refrain from exploiting the state. He emphasized that companies like Toyota Ghana, VW, Nissan, and others, which have received government support to establish in Ghana and create employment, should be prioritized. He criticized the move as contradictory to President Nana Addo Danquah Akuffo Addo’s agenda of “Ghana Beyond Aid.”

Norbert Gborgbortsi also called on the board members and the former CEO, Mr. Ahwene Danquah, to rescind their decision promptly to prevent further losses. He expressed concern over GNPC’s inability to settle its debts, with contractors now threatening legal action, amidst what he described as reckless spending.

He urged President Nana Addo Danquah Akuffo Addo to dissolve the GNPC Board, accusing them of colluding with the former CEO to drive GNPC into significant indebtedness. He cautioned the new CEO, Mr. Joseph Abuabu Dazie, to beware of potential corruption by board members, challenging him to reject this dubious contract with Klataa Company Limited, asserting that corrupt dealings should have no place under his leadership.

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