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Yvonne Nelson leads #DumsorMustStop vigil

Protesters of the #DumsorMustStop movement have gathered at the main gate of the University of Ghana, ready to commence their vigil. The event will proceed from the university to the Tetteh Quarshie roundabout, where organizers will deliver a statement.

Actress Yvonne Nelson, a leading figure in the protest, has expressed her determination to continue with the vigil even if turnout is low. She posted on social media affirming her resolve to highlight the ongoing power cuts, which she says the government denies responsibility for.

Despite earlier attempts to block the protest over location disagreements, about thirty police personnel have been deployed to oversee the event. Nelson insists her decision to proceed with the vigil is fueled by the persistent power instability.

“The light is not stable even in my house. Two days ago, I was going for an interview and the light went off when I was dressing up. And I have a friend at Kasoa whose light goes off five times a week. If they want us to keep silent, then it is a sad day for Ghana,” Nelson stated.

She added that her motivation was intensified by a video from the Tema General Hospital, which allegedly showed a power outage leading to the death of a baby.

“I saw a video of Tema General Hospital’s blackout and I felt it could happen to me, so I was triggered by the video and I went on social media and started tweeting about dumsor and I have always tweeted about dumsor but this is the time I am going off social media to get on the streets and organise a vigil.”

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