Visionary Norman Foundation’s “Feed the Street – Cape Coast Edition” Initiative Alleviates Food Insecurity

CEO Abraham Norman Nortey Leads Efforts to Make a Lasting Impact

The Visionary Norman Foundation, spearheaded by CEO and Founder Abraham Norman Nortey, made significant strides in combating food insecurity with its recent “Feed the Street – Cape Coast Edition” initiative. On February 10, 2024, the foundation distributed vital resources, including food, bottled water, and beverages, to over 500 individuals across various locations in Cape Coast.

Lauren Baaba Annan, a dedicated volunteer, expressed her profound satisfaction with the initiative, stating, “Being part of this initiative has been incredibly rewarding. Witnessing the impact of our collective efforts on the faces of those we served today reaffirms the importance of community-driven action. Together, we can make a difference.”

Abraham Norman Nortey reiterated the foundation’s unwavering commitment to effecting lasting change, emphasizing a holistic approach that extends beyond immediate relief.

The Visionary Norman Foundation extends heartfelt gratitude to all volunteers, supporters, and partners whose contributions were integral to the success of this impactful endeavor.

About Visionary Norman Foundation

The Visionary Norman Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to addressing social challenges and fostering sustainable development. Led by CEO Abraham Norman Nortey, the foundation endeavors to create a positive impact on communities through innovative initiatives and collaborative partnerships.

Below are some images of their initiative sharing the food:



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